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All of our cheques are printed on Defensa Design SG security paper

  True fourdrinier paper machine watermark - Optically dull
  Bleach and oxidizer reactivity brown stain
  Polar solvent (approx. 30 solvents) reactivity - blue stain, red burst
  Non-polar class solvent (approx. 35 solvents) - blue/black stain, red burst
  Invisible embedded fiber fluorescent yellow
  2-Bar pattern with bleachable ink
  Printloc option - true security level toner anchorage for laser printing

Extra security features for added protection

 Warning Printed warning on document face notifies document handlers and Bands criminals of security features present.
 Microprinting Miniature print appears as a line or rule. Difficult to scan or copy. Can be verified with a magnifying glass. Helps with authentication.
  Cheque MICR Encoding  

We will do your MICR encoding - guaranteed to be accepted by your bank


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